Christmas Jokes

To make your Christmas Eve Funny? Include these Christmas Jokes and bring smile on your loved one’s face. Here we have listed around 10 to 15 jokes for Merry Christmas event that you can either recite or send it via message.

Wonderful Christmas Jokes
Lovely Christmas Jokes

Christmas Jokes for Kids

If you are looking for Christmas Jokes online for your kids than here you can check few cute and funny jokes that he or she can recite in his or her Christmas Event organized at their school.

Tom: Where do snowmen keep their money?
Jerry: Beats me.
Tom: In a snow bank.

Kids Christmas Jokes
One liner Kids Christmas Jokes

Tom: What are you going to give your little brother for Christmas this year?
Jerry: I haven’t decided yet.
Tom: What did you give him last year?
Jerry: The measles.

Christmas Jokes for Kids
Cute Christmas Jokes for Kids

Tom: How does a sheep say “Merry Christmas”?
Jerry: How?
Tom: “Fleece Navidad!”

Christmas Humor

Here you can check various Christmas One Liners and Funny Christmas Puns along with stories that you can narrate in your Christmas party. Not only one-liners, you can also pickup Santa lines as well as rude Christmas crackers in your event and bring smile on your loved one’s faces.

Rude Christmas Jokes
Few Rude Christmas Jokes

You can also organize a Christmas Joke Peep Show where your relatives will going to crack random jokes and rude Christmas Crackers that brings smile on one’s face.

Tom: What is Claustrophobia?
Jerry: The fear of Santa Claus.

Christmas Jokes
Amazing Christmas Jokes collection

Tom: Why did the Christmas tree go to the barber?
Jerry: It needed to be trimmed.

Tom: What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride?
Jerry: Holly Davidson.

Funny Christmas Jokes
Fun loving Christmas Jokes

Tom: What breakfast cereal does Frosty the Snowman eat?
Jerry: Snowflakes.

Rude Christmas Jokes

Apart from the funny and cute Christmas Jokes, you can also check these few Rude Christmas Jokes that you can include in your party.

Tom bought his ex wife, a new artificial leg this Christmas. It wasn’t her main present, it was just a stocking filler.

Christmas Jokes Rude
Rude Christmas Jokes

Tom went to the garden centre today and bought a Christmas Tree. The assistant asked Tom, “Will he be putting that up himself?”

He replied, “No, you sick bastard. He will be putting it up in his living room.”

So check out these funny and amazing Christmas Jokes, that you can include in your Christmas Party and bring smile on your loved ones face. Apart from the funny jokes, you can also check rude Christmas jokes also that you can include in your party as well as you can narrate and recite them at your school and office Christmas event.

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