Valentine week Full Schedule 2018: kiss day, propose day, hug day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day

Valentine day is approaching and many couples are doing efforts to make it special. Most of the couple only celebrate valentine day but some celebrate Valentine Week. As Valentine day falls on 14th February every year while the valentine week starts from 7th February. Many people got confused about the days of Valentine week as they do not know about the days which falls I valentine week. So here we have brought a detailed article on Valentine week. So this year celebrate valentine week and make your valentine memorable one.

valentine week rose day
Celebrate Rose day with this beautiful image of rose
  1. 7th February: Valentine week starts at 7th It is the rose day. So on this day give a beautiful rose to your love and wish them a Happy Rose Day.
valentine week Propose day
Propose your love on this valentine day. share this image
  1. 8th February: After Rose day, Propose day comes. If you have not told about your feelings to that someone special, then go for it. Tell them that how much you love them. This is the best day to do this. So celebrate Propose day with your someone special.
valentine week chocolate day
Wish chocolate day with this heart-shaped chocolate box image
  1. 9th February: So after the propose day, chocolate day comes. Start your relationship with sweet chocolate. Gift your love a box of chocolate and fill your love life with sweetness.
valentine week teddy day
Wish Happy Teddy day with this cute pic of teddy
  1. 10th February: After the chocolate day, Teddy day comes. Gift your love a teddy so that whenever you are not with her/him then he can be with Teddy. So that teddy will fulfil your space.
valentine week Promise Day
Celebrate promise day by sending this image to your love
  1. 11th February: Every relation is incomplete without a promise. So after Teddy day Promise day comes. Make a promise to your love that you are never going to leave him/her. You will always be with him/her.
valentine week kiss day
send this passionate image for kiss day
  1. 12th February: This day is kiss day. Send a lot of kisses to your love so that they can get goosebumps. You can take the support of images which would obviously make them fall in love with you.
valentine week hug day
celebrate hug day with this image
  1. 13th February: After the kiss day, hug day comes. Just like the kiss day, you can also celebrate the hug day with your love. Send them some passionate pictures of hug and make them realise that how much you are missing them.
valentine week valentine day
share this valentine day image to your love
  1. 14th February: So in the last, the Valentine Day comes. When you will celebrate the valentine day after celebrating these days then you would realise that it was your best valentine day. Make some special arrangements for your love one and make your valentine day a special one.

So this is all about the valentine week. This year celebrate each day of valentine week and the see the magic of valentine day. If your partner is not with you then also you can celebrate your Valentine week by sending these amazing images. In the last “Happy Valentine Day”

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